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Science Lab

Our Story

As the clinical trial industry has moved more towards precision based medicine, the process of conducting a trial for clinical study teams has become more and more complex. We are no longer in a state where trial endpoints are only looking at the pharmacokinetic and safety data. As pharmaceutical treatments and biologics that are being administered during a trial become more targeted, sponsors must show that the mechanism of action is understood and demonstrated. This means more lab vendors, more sample types, and more data.  As a result, traditional approaches in the functional areas of clinical operations, data management, vendor management, and several others have to adapt. Our founder has spent his entire career navigating this new reality in all sectors of the industry developing teams and process as a sponsor, within CROs, Labs, sites, and new industry technology. What became clear throughout this experience over the past decade can be summed up in our motto... 

Precision Based Medicine Requires Precision Based Solutions™.

Our Leadership

Bernie vonLehmden

Chief Operating Officer

With over two decades of experience as a business leader, Bernie specializes in revenue generation, operational management, and strategic partnership development and brings a wealth of expertise to this role. His experience working in the clinical research space, particularly with emerging growth companies, provides ClearPath with valuable insights into industry intricacies and the critical importance of precision in every endeavor. Bernie is deeply passionate about collaborating with clients to understand their unique needs and developing and executing tailored solutions that deliver tangible results. Bernie's core values, including faith, family, and friends, guide his professional ethos, understanding that integrity, accountability, and maintaining a positive mindset are critical to success.  Whether it's executing on promises or fostering a culture of hard work and enjoyment, these values are foundational in all aspects of his life.​

Mark T. Melton, MSc.

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mark's career in the research and clinical trial industry has spanned over a decade. He started off as a Biochemist and Molecular Biologist in academia. Utilizing his scientific training, he entered in the clinical trial industry focusing in the emerging precision based medicine space. In developing and expanding his skillsets, he is recognized as a thought leader and SME on Biomarker and BioAnalytical Operations, Data Management, Bio-specimen Tracking / Reconciliation, and Lab Vendor Oversight. He has experience in many therapeutic areas including Oncology, Rare Diseases, Vaccines, CNS, and Endocrinology. Mark has a long history of building teams and processes from the ground up and leading large global operations and data management teams.  Mark has 3 young boys and a wife of 12 years. While he enjoys his work, his main passions are his family, coaching baseball, and fishing with his son's every chance he gets.

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